So I know

I have added 3 other posts today they were all saved in drafts. Been meaning to post them for a while but life happens.
So this is my workout schedule for the week:
Monday- Legs and abs, hard core yoga
Tuesday-shoulders, hot 26 and hard core yoga
Wednesday-butt, hard core yoga
Thursday- hot 26 mediation and hard core yoga
Friday-arms, regular hot yoga and hard core yoga. 
Saturday-4 mile walk on the Greenway (local walking trail) with family and family yoga
Sunday-2 mile walk on the Greenway with family and family yoga

I got my workout this morning in and then work yoga tonight :). Till we meet again.
Oh I forgot post my progress pics. This is for the last couple of weeks.
And this is my over all progress since the documentary started at my yoga studio.


Tired and resting

I’m laying in bed after them biopsying my cervix. I’m just exhausted. I do work out this morning and did arms. Now I’m about to go do two yoga classes. 1 vinyasa and one regular Raja. I hope my test results come back okay. Other than that today has been okay. I got my back child support paid today. And Aries had a good Iep. I even cuddled with my lady this morning. I was actually wearing



a size large shirt today. It was amazing because I haven’t worn a size large in about 5 years.

Breaking out of my shell

Welcome to my little world!
Hi my name is D’Monique. I just turned 27 on Jan. 2nd.

Im a separated mom of 3 wonderful children one of which has autism. Aries our oldest is the one with autism. We have gone through so much with him. Starting from a little violent  2 year old who was nonverbal to a 7 year old in typical classes. He is our little genis. Arielle is our drama queen 5 year old going on 15. She seems to my mini me. Always wanting to eat what I eat do yoga with me and help cook. She has the biggest heart. And lastly our tiny lady of the house Allysa, she’s 20 months and thinks she’s the boss of the whole house. She also loves to death her momma (my girlfriend).

I have an amazing girlfriend who supports my hopes and dreams.

I’m a yoga addict specifically hot yoga.
Im a real food mom who has does paleo. This choice I made because I am allergic to soy, almonds, pecans and peanuts. I’m also badly lactose intolerant. During my doing paleo I realized I have a bad gluten intolerance. So now I’m doing gluten free foods free of my allergens and only brown rice made products.

Welcome to this journey with me

3 days in

It’s the 3rd day since my fiance had to go back for a funeral and I seem to be dealing ok. The 3 kids haven’t been that bad. I still get my gym workout in but haven’t been to raja since Tuesday night I did a double.  But that’s all about to change now bc I’m doing a double tonight as well. Kat is watching the kids. I got the meat done for dinner tonight via the crockpot (turkey tacos).
I also managed to do my challenge pose for February which was crane.


I still need to figure out what my pose will be for march but I have time to figure it out. I miss my lady though I can’t wait till she’s back in my arms 🙂