Snow day


We had a terrible ice storm last night. It was basically the first real snow we have had all winter.  But from living in TN for 5 years I knew that it was going to be a state of emergency.  They don’t handle any weather other than sunny and hot very well. No matter the kids were out of school today and because I can work from home I changed my schedule to not leave the house since there had been 150 accidents over night.

The kids and I did yoga this morning and I did some training for work after.
The kids wanted to work on inversions.


Aries rocking a headstand. 


Arielle rocking crow.


Allysa being assisted in her head stand.

And I finally got headstand. I was so excited I screamed for my lady which caused me to fall into the kids toy bucket lol.



I have been working on this since july. It honestly made my day. The emotions attached to getting a hard pose feels overwhelming when you finally get it. And 2014 has felt like just that, being able to let go of my hurt, my heartache, and my emotion scars from my ex husband. Being able to attract good and positive in my life feels like a clean slate.

School is also cancelled tomorrow and morning yoga classes are cancelled as well. They have been closed all day but I’m not worried. I worked on a 2 hr play list and turned the heater up high in the bedroom.  Sounds like a night of hot yoga with Arielle and my lady. She really wanted to do my practice this morning but Aries wanted to do kids yoga ABC’s so now we all win.


Forgot I wanted to put the recipe for my paleo pancakes from this morning
1 cup of sunflower seeds
1 egg
1 1/2 bananas
1tsp coconut milk

And blend up and there are the most yummy grain free, nut free pancakes 🙂

Till we meet again…


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