In NJ: the start of the road less taken


So we have been in NJ for one week and I managed to get a job at a daycare full time, we are looking into a new house to have with my mom with an apartment in the basement for us, found a good deal on a gym (it’s 24hrs) , I have a work study interview for another gym so that I can have more classes to go to and find a family out here, my lady found a zumba studio to go to 4 times a week, I have 3 locations I’m looking for for raja nj location, set up a sort of schedule for my kids with their dad and the movers got here with our stuff. I have been going, going, GOING everyday since I got here. 


Now for the bad parts I have been off of paleo for 3 weeks. It’s been so hard to get back on. And it’s not that I’m eating healthy either. I’m eating just plain terrible.  Everything and anything.  I know that is terrible for me and I am having a hard time getting back on my way.
But this weekend I will do the prep. Take the junk out of my sights. Hide my cards so I can’t by junk and detox all the crap in my system. Starting over the goal is 30 days back on paleo before having a paleo cheat day. Mostly bc i need to stop craving it first and it takes 21 days to form a habit.


Also I’m dedicating 8 hrs a week to my health for working out at least.  I need to practice at least twice a week as well so 2hrs included in the 8 hrs total. I  need to get back on my grind. I work in a daycare from 930 to 645 but an hour commute each way. So I need to buckle down and make my body just as important for me again.


The kids are great and happy to be around my family and their dad.

I’m getting to this new normal for us and there is still so much for me to find here like farmers markets, wiccan/pagan church, a good hot yoga studio, things to go on the weekends with kids, hiking trails, festivals, and all the things that we would do in TN. But NJ is shaping up to being a pretty amazing journey.



This is me doing yoga while I do laundry :).

Till next time….


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