Many loves many lives

I’ve been in a expanding and my thoughts to be my most happiest self. A current topic that keeps crossing my mind is introducing lovers in addition to my gf and my bf. I’ve started to move to the mind set that there is alot of love to be had in this world. And I don’t want to not be able to try and venture out. My life nor my love should have limitations.

As of lately I ended up in the hospital due to a staph infection in my middle finger.I was in there for 4 days. I was so drugged and off of paleo bc of the pain. During that time my boss dad who had cancer died. The day after I got out of the hospital I was at the funeral and the wake. It was so touching how my boss and his family took me in like I was one of them. We laughed and cried. It was so touching and I feel blessed to know them. It only reminded me that I don’t have that with my actual parents. But Regardless I will always be there for my kids so they will never feel the lack of support I have with my family.

For the last few weeks I reconnected with a ex named K. He was a childhood relationship. He’s ended up being a big support for me for the last few weeks. It’s been really surprising that we still have so much in common and the connection is still there. I want to explore that further. I’m pretty sure when we reconnected neither one of us thought this would end up being anything but just a hi and bye conversation. But I believe there is nothing random about people in your life. He was put into it for a reason to remind me how I feel about him.

I have been rocking my yoga challenges and I started the whole life challenge. Which is 55 days but I’m going to keep going as long as I can. I haven’t fallen off so far and I’m on day 8. I. The norm I would have fallen off already. So woohoo me.

Lately I have been really into mediating out my conflicts. This has been helpful since it’s been keeping me from loosing myself in anger. Although I completely lost my cool on the bf and the nonsense he’s been putting me through for the past few weeks. I stayed silence and hopeful that all that would get better. And he mostly felt it wasn’t something of importance to change or rather work through. So I exploded on him because he was taking my kindness for granted. We ended up fighting all weekend because he was trying to pacify me instead of coming up with helpful ways to fix the problems. It’s created dishearting feelings for me with our relationship. The point is I need to be respected, loved and honored as I do to all my partners and he hasn’t been doing the same.

Till next time