So first this trip has been particularly hard on me due to me not taking it with my family.  I have never traveled without my kids. But they are still in school so it only made sense to leave them them with there other mom since we are moving in only 24 short days.

Secondly I decided mostly because of financial reasons to take the bus which of course prolongs the trip which would be only a few short hours by plane or train (though it not an option train wise in TN due to there not being any trains here). For some reason it was hard for me to tell anyone I was taking the bus due to the faces I would get making that decision.  They all assumed I was flying in and i didnt tell them otherwise. But regardless because we are making this big move in a few short weeks this was the best way to do it.

Third I would be doing this trip as a paleo yogi. Which means everywhere we stop for food would not be paleo. Case and point it’s 3:40 am and we have stopped in Virginia for 45 mins for our breakfast at… McDonald’s 😱. Considering I’m allergic to soy and  vegetable oil is made from soy bean oil I can not eat here at all and the only a person not only with an allergy could eat healthy is oatmeal here but it is a grain and I can not eat grains on paleo. There for 21hrs of a trip of places I can not eat is  wearing on me alittle.  I do have things I packed such as apple chips, tuna, apple sauces and coconut water to get me through this. I’m sure this will at least help me not gain since I’m not able to work out till I get to NJ.

Fourth I’m a active yogi.  I feel restricted in this little moving box with wheels. I want to do yoga,  run, weight train hell even spin class right now then sitting down.

Fifth and I think this is the most important is that due to the many stops on this trip I have only been able to sleep 2hrs so far. Not that I sleep well on a normal basis because I do not this only worsen this . I’m sure I will sleep longer than I have in many months once I get to my mother’s house.

And the only thing that is driving me is that I want this job, I need this job no they need me. I can say a million reasons why I can be amazing for this position and believe me I will to them. But this would certainly be one of them how many people would travel 21hrs for this interview knowing they would barely eat the whole time and sleep? Not many at all I’m sure. I know that of I’m meant to have this job the universe will just let it be. And I will out shine the rest.


Till next time…